• Super congratulations to Willow Hecht, who won the Travel Grant Award to present her talk on behavioral enrichment for big cats (such as lions, leopards, tigers, pumas!) at the 2017 International Conference on Environmental Enrichment in Bogata, Columbia!

  • Congratulations to Nicholas Hecht, who is bringing the arts into the heart of Middlesex, Vermont, by reviving the historic train station building and making it a priceless community resource!

  • Thanks to Blackstone Audio for their support for and pending publication of my seventh novel, On Brassard's Farm. I welcome the opportunity to write and publish the sort of novel I've always intended to!

  • Gratitude and admiration to Sam Kerson and Katah for their astonishing community theater work at the Syrian refugee camps on Lesbos, Greece, and their reporting and recording of their project "The Artist as Witness." Visit:

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​​"Former musician Daniel Hecht has brought a welcome artistry to his new field . . .  He is a writer for those who demand texture, intriguing information, and a provocative thesis along with their thrills."     -  Publishers Weekly (starred review)


  • Blog series focuses on fiction technique: As a writer and writing teacher, I am often asked for suggestions regarding the writing art.  In response I've started a new blog series focused on writing technique, derived from essays I've written over the years.  The posts explore conventional considerations such as point of view, dialogue, narrative compression, etc., as well as subtler aspects of the writing process and the writer's life -- the magic of it. Recent posts: Beginnings, Distant and Close; Ruminations on James Alan McPherson.

  • New novel forthcoming:  On Brassard's Farm will be published by Blackstone in 2017.  Thanks are due to Rick Bleiweiss, who encouraged me to complete this story of a woman discovering the wonders and difficulties of living in the deep woods, working on a dairy farm, and accidentally discovering love. You can read an early draft of the first section of the novel on this site.

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        Recent Reading

    • The Other by David Guterson
    • The Poacher's Son by Paul Doiron
    • Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon
    • The Gene by Siddartha Mukharjee
    • Single & Single by John Le Carre
    • All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
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