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Daniel Hecht's story made me fall in love . . . In times of

darkness, a story like this gives light, and strength, and hope.

          -- Laurie R. King,New York Times bestselling author

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​​"Former musician Daniel Hecht has brought a welcome artistry to his new field . . .  He is a writer for those who demand texture, intriguing information, and a provocative thesis along with their thrills."     -  Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Daniel Hecht

A classic murder mystery set amid Vermont's forested

hills, mountain lakes, and traditional villages . . . 

where murder is sometimes deemed necessary and


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A wondrous, unique love story.. There is backbreaking labor, beauty, tragedy, and joy in this story of starting life again.
            -- Publishers Weekly

​Available in print, e-book, and audiobook in August, 2023. Cover image by Alenka LInaschke.

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On Brassard's Farm is a beautifully written homage to a way

of life and a moving story of love and connection.

           -- Library Journal (starred review) 

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