From The Westchester Bohemians: Adrienne and Lafe -- actually, my mother and eventual father-in-law -- in 1947.

New Work

When people ask me what I'm writing nowadays and when my next book will be published, I always hesitate.  I don't know the answer because I am working on several novels at once; any one of them might be commanding my attention on a given day, and in aggregate they're taking a long time to complete. You can read some recent writing at my blog, or take a look here at excerpts from two works in progress.

On Brassard's Farm is the chronicle of a young woman who, through desperation and luck -- good and bad -- finds herself working on a Vermont dairy farm and living alone on some wild forest land she bought nearby.

The Westchester Bohemians is a somewhat fabulous record the exploits of my father, mother, and their ex-urbanite, artist friends as they created an unusual community in a small town in New York State in 1946.

Neither is a thriller or mystery story, but a ghost does appear in one of the chapters in The Westchester Bohemians posted here.

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