Cover art for On Brassard's Farm, by Katherine Galloway English.

From The Westchester Bohemians: Adrienne and Lafe -- actually, my mother and eventual father-in-law -- in 1947.

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New Work

I have been working on several novels during the last few years. My seventh book, On Brassard's Farm, will be released in hard cover and e-books by Blackstone Publishing in April, 2018. It's a departure from my earlier books: not a thriller by any means, but a story of love and personal transformation. You can take a look here at an excerpt from On Brassard's Farm (early draft) and selected moments from The Westchester Bohemians. My eighth novel, Lady of the Lake, will be published in 2019.

On Brassard's Farm is the chronicle of a young woman who, through desperation and luck -- good and bad -- finds herself working on a Vermont dairy farm and living alone on some wild forest land she bought nearby. It's a love story, but fans of the Cree Black series will find affinity with the story's central character, Ann Turner.

The Westchester Bohemians is a somewhat fabulous record the exploits of my father, mother, and their ex-urbanite, artist friends as they created an unusual community in a small town in New York State in 1946.

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