The prequel to the international best-selling Skull Session, Puppets brings back Detective Mo Ford, called to investigate a gruesome homicide in the New York area.

Working with psychologist Rebecca Ingalls, his first challenge is to explain why the murder so closely resembles the crimes of a serial killer who has long since been imprisoned.  Is it a copycat crime, or did the police catch the wrong man?

As evidence emerges, they realize they have stumbled across something far more complex and horrific: a secret U.S. military experiment designed to program the minds of human beings and turn them into "torpedoes" -- targeted, conscienceless killers. 

In this Times of London best-seller, Mo Ford must fight on several fronts if he is to survive his latest investigation.


"The best yet from Hecht . . . an intriguing thriller from a writer at the top of his form."

-- Kirkus Reviews

"Gripping . . . Hecht delivers a first-rate thriller with a killer combination of wit, grit, and gore." -- Booklist (starred review)

"Four stars!  Puppets is a fast, intriguing story bolstered by real substance in its study of the dodgy things governments do . . .  Combined with the mind games of a classic manhunt and a splash of romance, it's got pretty much all you could ask for.  Excellent stuff!" -- London Daily Mirror